Time to change: NEW Facebook Timeline! Are you ready?

Dear Friend,

Greetings to you! It was such a nice break during Easter holidays celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. March was a very busy month for us as we were invited to speak at various seminars and training classes including:
- Whaft T&T e-Business “Viral Marketing Seminar” [Viral 宣傳基本法] (Mar 21)
- Brand Development Council “Social Network Explosion” [Like 爆 Social Network] (Mar 27)
- Strategy of e-Marketing & Social Media Training at the Mira Hotel (Mar 28)
- Hong Kong Institute of Accrediting Accounting Technicians “Presentation Skills Workshop” (Mar 29)

After the successful training we co-organized with Tradelink “From OEM to OBM: Selling in China through e-Marketing” Workshop in February, we are excited and going to re-run the training on April 26.

We are seeing strong momentum of Adams most popular e-Marketing & Social Media course, the next scheduled class is on May 31. If you have friends whom maybe interested to attend, please help us to forward this information to them.
We have recently launched an interesting facebook campaign of a well-known brand from Germany, Dr Beckmann, about their strong product of “Colour & Dirt Collector” (混色洗衫大挑戰). Do challenge yourself to win the prize of the product!

Starting from April 1, 2012, Facebook is forcing everyone to migrate to the new “Timeline” look, are you ready? If you are interested on the new Mission Control concept behind the new change, I strongly encourage you to view the insightful videos from the New York Conference of Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/business/fmc).

It is great to connect with you again and I look forward to meeting you soon next time! If you are interested to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime on +852 2723 9977.

Best regards,

Matthew Kwan
Principal Consultant
Adams Company Limited

About Consultant Adams

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