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Hope you are enjoying the hot summer despite the unstable weather in Hong Kong in the last 2 weeks!

t has been a great honor for me to have the chance to present at The Entrepreneurs’ Network last week in Hong Kong on the topic of “Think Virally to Expand Your Business!”.  We have an overwhelming crowd of over 50 successful entrepreneurs from different businesses gathered at the event.  It is my belief now that if you want to be winning in this Internet Age, you have to Think Virally!!

Think Virally is not natural to many of us even if we have many years of experience in Sales & Marketing.  However, if we are back to basic, it is only about building a mass network of Word Of Mouth (WOM) marketing.  The question is HOW to build this network.  Facebook is definitely the easiest to access network on the face of the earth with over 500 million users but we are not talking about single way of communication!  So we need to think of ways that you can leverage what existing community you have on it (or any other social network) and try to come up with sales/marketing programs that will attract people to spread the news for you through their own networks of communities.  You really have to think of (marketing) messages that is asking the audience to take action for other people/friends’ sake!  It always has to be Win-Win, nobody is going to take your message to their friends if they are not winning themselves!

We have seen many different successful and famous brands are putting a lot of efforts on social media these days but they are not really thinking virally.  A lot of the campaigns we see today are still at the pre-social media stage of just using social media as merely another advertising channel but nothing else!  In the last 2 years, Adams has collaborated with different clients to build Facebook campaigns to reach favorable results based only on one single idea,Viral Effectiveness.  If it is Viral Effective, it will help you to grow Brand AwarenessSales and Customer Database at an exponential rate!  For example, we helped a sportswear chain during FIFA World Cup period to create a game for people to tag friends on Facebook to form football team to get prize/gift/discount at their chain stores.  Imagine the Multiplying Effect of forming just a team of 7 people and the 7 people to form another 7 teams…!  I think, by now, you should have got my point if you want to be successful in your sales & marketing campaigns, then you have to Think Virally to Expand Your Business!

Three weeks ago, we launched a training course called “Strategy of e-Marketing & Social Media Marketing” which to be held at the beautiful and modern hotel The Mira Hotel Hong Kong.  The response was overwhelming and the class was full within the first few days of registration and we had to arrange a bigger room to accommodate all the attendees.  Hence, we decided to arrange one more additional class on September 8, 2011 at The Mira Hotel Hong Kong again.  If you or your friends are interested, please feel free to register on

I am not sure how many of you are having problem in managing the post 80’s employees, CAPITAL is collaborating with McDonald’s, Sony Computer…to come up with a wonderful 2-day course to cover how to motivate and manage post 80’s employees on July 29-30.   In the last few days of registration, you may enjoy 5% discount by registering through Adams on

Finally, I have written another article on “Giving up is a way to gain!” for a professional institution in Hong Kong which you can find it on our slideshare page  A number of the prioritization and planning skills covered in the article are the essence of what I have learnt throughout my career!   Hope you will enjoy it.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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Matthew Kwan

Principal Consultant
Adams Company Limited

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