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Dear Friend, I hope you had very enjoyable festive holidays during Chinese New Year! May you have a prosperous and great year ahead! I am excited to inform you that our first engagement with Tradelink (www.tradelink-ebiz.com) to offer the first course about “Building OBM Business Online” (中國內銷到外銷 ~ 網上創建OBM營銷策略~) on Feb 16, 2012 has a very good response.  To date, there are already 24 people registered. After seeing the overwhelming response in 2011 on Adams popular e-Marketing & Social Media course, we are re-launching the same series again starting on Feb 29, 2012.  If you have friends whom maybe interested to attend, please help us to forward this information to them. We have recently launched an interesting campaign for Kikkoman on Facebook萬字廚神大挑戰, if you are interested, feel free to test your cooking knowledge! It should be fun! The key challenge of our world today is about attracting the “eye-balls” of our customers.  With overthrowing information and messages pushing to their eyes, what is differentiating your products from others is the question we have to answer.  More and more customers are expecting to get customer care through Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and other social media.  So how ready are you to connect with your customers through Social Media?  Instead of telephone and e-Mail, do you have the dedicated customer service personnel to respond to customers’ needs through Social Media?  But the fundamental question is have you opened these Social Media channels for your customers to contact you?  If not, then you are probably losing the competitive edge in this Internet Age! One great example was how Virgin Australia won over so many customers during Qantas’s crisis with their extensive twitter coverage a couple months ago!  Another great example is to look at how KLM Airline to engage their customers using social media making their trips different (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqHWAE8GDEk). There is another very important area to look into, that is how “mobile-ready” is your customer service.  It means can your customers contact you through their mobile devices including iPhone, Android Phones, iPad, Tablet PC’s and more.  When you visit most of the company websites these days, they are still using resolution suitable for PC viewing.  However, researches are telling us, the number of Internet users are going to grow with mobile users and to surpass the number of PC Internet users in 2013 in China, the largest Internet users country in the world!  Imagine, your customers would never find it user friendly if they have to resize the screen for every page they visit on your website using their mobiles phones.  The likelihood is that they will eventually shifted other competitors who are offering their services and customer care with a mobile device friendly website.  The long term impact is HUGE!! Above are just some basic considerations when you plan to improve your Social Media and Mobility engagement with your customers.  There are other concerns when you are really try to launch your customer support services through these media.  Operationally, how to track your support logs in your customer relationship management system is going to be a challenge as there are not many options that are currently enabled with social media integration.  If you had to develop it in-house, there would be a cost to it and would it be justified?  Nonetheless, these are some issues we need to address quickly as the Internet world is not waiting for us! It is great to connect with you again and I look forward to meeting you soon next time!   If you are interested to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime on +852 2723 9977 & email: [email protected]. Best regards, Matthew Kwan

Principal Consultant
Adams Company Limited

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