Good e-Mail Campaign Begins with Subject Line

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We receive too many e-Mail advertising messages nowadays. A lot of them will automatically drop into our junk e-Mail box instantly and some of them may not. Nonetheless, the chances of us opening an e-Mail message depends largely on the sender and the subject line. Hence, writing a good subject line is the key success factor for a good e-Mail Campaign.

So, what is a good subject line? I attended a training course conducted by Bill Jenson, the author of Simiplicity Survival Handbook, a few years ago. He taught us a very simple way of communication which is based on 3 things: Know, Feel, Do. I think this is very useful for use to bear in mind whenever we write anything and especially for writing e-Mail Campaign subject line. Here is the simple explanations:
  • Know: Write what is the real subject to let the readers know what it is about instantly.
  • Feel: Write what is related to the readers especially some emotional facts to get them echoed the facts or to feel the importance of the matter
  • Do: Write clearly the desired actions you what the readers to take after reading the message
It is not easy to do the above when you only have limited space for the subject line. However, the shorter you can write more, the better chance you will get higher response! In fact, not only the subject line should be written in Know-Feel-Do format, the mail body content should be written in the same way!

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