We live in a different world!

By Matthew Kwan, Principal Consultant, Adams (www.adamshk.com)
Jun 22, 2013

We live in a different world of internet and mobile devices. People are connected in a distance through facebook, skype, twitter, weibo, instagram…etc. There seems to be boundless even when you are flying on a plane, climbing in the highest mountain of Himalaya, walking in the hottest dessert of Sahara, diving in the deepest sea of pacific ocean, exploring the coldest weather of the north pole. We are connected, yet distance apart. Feeling maybe connected but human touches can never be replaced by the screens, monitors, iPad, tablet PC’s…etc. There are just too many aspects of life that should not be accomplished by Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Kakao or any sort. You can never be able to look into somebody’s eye through a webcam, you can n ever be able to hug someone you love via a video call, you can never kiss someone who is dear in your heart of the photos you share.

What is the real point of our world today if you are so connected and so apart. The connection is only able through a paid service by a telecommunication company. Can we connect without paying? Can we connect without a device? Can we connect without a medium? It is our mind. Our mind has no limit, it facilitates us to go wherever in the world, you may send wishes to anyone, anytime, anywhere without a dime. Are we really mindful to the smallest details and feelings? Our mind can never travels far if we never care for the minute details of our surroundings. Can you be mindful when you are tired? Can you be mindful when you are running out of time? Can you be mindful when you don’t care? Time and space and will could be the sheer power behind your mindfulness. Only the ones we really ready for trade off these pricesless entities may experience the joyest satisfaction of the glory a mindful heart may bring. Only love can drive through your mind to act unconditionally.

(P.S. written on a paper napkin on a plane going home from U.S.)