Social Media: Business or Not??

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I am so glad to share with you that we had a very successful event with Wisers Information Limited (Wisers) earlier this month on the topic of “Brand Formula through Social Media”. The event wasFULL HOUSEin a room packed with160 peoplecoming mainly from companies ofBanking &Finance, Government & NGO’s and Marketing Professionals. I was thrilled to speak alongside with domain experts from Greenpeace, Ogilvy andWisers. If you are interested to view my presentation, please feel free to check it out on

So, do you think you can get businessthrough your Facebook Account or Facebook Fan Page or Facebook Groups or Facebook Social Ad? If I have lost you on these terms, you definitely need to get yourself educated on the differences, otherwise you will not be very successful to promote your company/products/services using Facebook. Why am I pinpointing on Facebook? It is because there are more than3 Million registered users using Facebook in Hong Kong which is about 75% of the total Internet population in Hong Kong. This is a serious matter as there isno single advertising media have this kind of direct reachon a personal basis than Facebook in Hong Kong and in the world. There are actually more than 500 Million Facebook users in the World which contribute to more than 25% of the worldwide Internet population. The most important success factor is to ensure there is element of “Viral Effective”. Majority ofAdams’larger projects in the last 2 years are all related to Facebook and we alwaysthink Virallyto bring pivotal results for our customers.  You may read more on our methodology and philosophy on

Are you really ready to engage with the customers and do business? According to a article, Dell managed to make over US$6.5 Million sales throughTwitter alone by end of 2009 and US President Obama is having over 8M followers on Twitter alone. However, Twitter is not so popular in Hong Kong as it does not offer Traditional Chinese interface butAdamsis recommending customersto use Twitter as a connector to multiple Social Media. There are actually a number of way of doing it if you know the right tools. It is highly effective for disseminating your company and product news to multiple channels.


Do you know Hong Kong is one of the highest visit location of YouTube? Do you know you can actually post Video advertisements (Traditionally only available on  TV) right next to videos of your target customers when they search for interested topics? It can be so targeted and relevant and effective but we do not see a lot of these advertisements yet in Hong Kong. Are you aware that we live inpost-modern age that people enjoy watch videos than purely reading textsHave you opened you YouTube channel for your company yet, showing demos, advertisements, testimonials, events….to create a prominent online presence? What I am trying to say here is that a lot of companies are lacking behind onusing YouTube tactically and effectivelyThe potential results can be exponential if you are doing it right. Adams has started helping customer to place their TVC’s on YouTube for quite sometime and the ROI’s are very clear.
Earlier,人人網) has merged withwww.kaixin.comto form the largest Social Media Network in China. On May 4, 2011, has become the first ever Social Media Network beinglisted on New York Stock Exchange raising US$743.4 millionwith highest trading price at US$21.93 on the first day of trading. There are many business implications with its huge growth potentials. If you are planning to reach customers in China, then you really have to understand Sina’s Weibo (microblogging site equivalent to Twitter), and (Video Broadcasting sites equivalent to YouTube), Baidu Tieba (China’s largest discussion forum) and a whole bunch of other Social Media Network sites. The competitions are furious and extremely exciting. However, the cost of exploration is not small at all! Adams is actively helping customers to use the most relevant and prominent social media in China to create most effective online presence and awareness.
Ultimately, we are living in an Internet Age, people tend to find you through Search Engines and Social Media than anything else. We are talking about Online PR and Online Branding exercise here.  It is exactly the same as you would do it in the old days, you need to manage your public facing communications to get the best branding, perception and awareness. If you do not act now, it is going to be too late as your competitors are out there looking for ways to penetrate the market any minute NOW using Social Media. We see a lot of companies have started their effort in testing the effect of Social Media Marketing but we also see too many cases that the companies are not having a clear strategy! If you would like to understand more how to plan your Social Media Marketing Strategy for your special business, please do not hesitate andcontact us on+852 27239977oremail usat[email protected].
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