Converting Clicks to Sales Leads

By Matthew Kwan

2008 © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Principal Consultant

Adams Company Limited

The biggest challenge of e-Marketing is to convert clicks to Sales Leads. Generating clicks is not difficult but how to lead your potential customers to take actions including calling you by phone, sending you e-Mails, filling up enquiry forms…etc is an art.

Obviously, website design is the very first consideration and effort you have to make in order to invite your potential customers to take actions. First of all, you really have to encourage people to call you and send email to you by putting these invitations & your contact information all over your website. Though it may not look odd in terms of design and layout when you show these information so often, it is a mandatory thing you have to do for the sake of converting clicks to actions. Here are some suggestions on areas you may consider:

1. Enquiry Hotline Phone Number

2. Enquiry e-Mail Address

3. e-Form for enquiry or quotation request with predefined fields

4. Button function for forwarding the page or information friends

5. Button function for signing up e-Newsletters

6. Button function to respond to the content

All of the above are very basic and powerful items to include in a web page in order to capture information from your customers and increase the chances that you can get in touch with them. In addition, you may also include “Live Chat” function on your web page. Live Chat is another very powerful tool you may want to deploy as it will let you proactively monitor your website visitors and invite them to chat and start the selling process instantly. No matter your customers are leaving you contact information or connected through Live Chat, once you are connected with your customers, it is really an exercise of your conventional selling process from then on.

On the other hand, your marketing strategy behind your marketing campaign is the real critical success factor. Your potential customers would not take actions unless your content and messaging on your website or landing page is really compelling. How to make your contents compelling is a communications skill, you need to ensure that values of your products/services are being highlighted rather than just listing functionalities and specifications. Again, communications or copying writing skill is not a simple thing; it is always good to get someone acting from customer perspectives to review the contents for you.

Designing Powerful & Effective Search Keywords of Your Business

By Matthew Kwan © Copyright. All rights reserved. Principal Consultant
Adams Company Limited

Keywords or tags or labels are very important by e-Marketing term as they can help you to be searched by search engine easier or to do contextual marketing more effective and etc. You may use them for Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & etc.

It may sound difficult but in effect it is just a matter of using the right method when designing powerful & effective search keywords of your business for e-Marketing. You may refer to my previous written article on “The 5C’s of Business Planning” for detailed description on how to identify your Customers, Competitors, Complementors, Channels and Costs. The answers to the designated questions will help you to list out the top-most important keywords of your business.

After having done the analysis of 5C’s, it will be only a mechanical process to expand the list of keywords with some specific verbs or nouns adding in front or after your keywords making it like phrases to be specific enough that one would use them to search your company’s products/services as discussed in the article of “Search Engine Keywords Must Be Cost Effective

The final result of the keywords list generated from this process can be very long but you can always to shorten the list when you have captured enough data from your search engines. It is relatively easy to remove those under-performed keywords of few impressions or clicks.