Building up Affiliated Links to Grow Your Web Presence!

By Matthew Kwan © Copyright. All rights reserved.
Principal Consultant

Adams Company Limited

In order to let people find you on internet with higher chance, one trick is your website must be linked by many other affiliated websites. The more affiliated partners or websites you are linked, the better chance more people may find you easier as well as your search engine(s) results/appearance will be higher.

One thing I do very often myself is whenever I do new business with new partners or suppliers, I would ask if they are willing to exchange banner/link to increase our mutual exposures on the internet.

Other than getting your partners to link your website, you can go and register on a lot of internet (business, B2B, B2C…etc) directories. A lot of these directories are location specific, so if your target customers are located in multiple countries, you may have to go to multiple web directories for different countries to register your company information.

However, affliations take time to build and there are many more other considerations than just technical concerns!