Digital Public Relations, are you doing it?

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Chinese New Year holidays having  good time with your family and friends!  Here is a drawing from my 6 years old son:

success in 2014.jpg

HSMC I have formally started lecturing at Hang Seng Management College on January 22, 2014 on the topic of “Digital Public Relations” which is supposed to be a new module that other universities have not yet introduced as I was told. We had very successful events being run with PayPal on Jan 16 (about 54 people attended) and Google + Apps King on Jan 22 (about 76 people attended) with unexpected number people showed up.  Thank you all who have come and provided us such great support.  I have uploaded my presentation at the PayPal seminar “Building Consumer Brands Online from Scratch” for those who are interested.


There are 2 upcoming events that I am sharing insights and I hope to see you there:

  1. Feb 27, 2014: Adams CMO Luncheon “Advancing Brand Growth in China”
  2. Mar 4, 2014: 中小企智營講座系列:中小企客戶開源實例分享

I am very excited to be invited again by HKTDC to speak at their Hong Kong Business Seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on March 12, 2014.  My topic is going to be “Hong Kong: The Gateway for Marketing Your Products in China”.  I really look forward to this great opportunity!

When we talk about Digital Public Relations, the most important thing is to know that the major momentum behind DigitalAGE and MobileAGE is from the screens of 4 to 10 inches.  If you cannot conquer using contents that are fitting to this most basic requirement, you will not be successful.  In the Hang Seng Management College Module, I am basically covering the following topics on Digital Public Relations.  Personally, I think we are facing a more difficult task than we were in the previous generation when TV, Newspapers and Magazines were still dominating our mainstream of media channels!

  • Where is your audience?
  • Rethinking the proper channels for Press Releases in DigitalAGE and MobileAGE!
  • Making an impact larger than you thought!
  • Voice Vs Noise in a Viral World?
  • Corporate Communications in a Postmodern Context
  • Negative Responses as a New Normal!
  • Are you really successful with your  Online Reputation?
  • Can you build Corporate Image through Online/Digital Advertising?

I hope to connect with you soon in the coming future to share more insights and learning from our good & bad experiences!


Best regards,


Matthew Kwan
Principal Consultant
Adams Company Limited

2014 : 7 Most Important Tasks for Online/Mobile/Social Media Marketing Strategy

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year and Wish you a Very Prosperous Year of 2014!
As new year arrived, we see the market is getting very active with different marketing activities. We are excited and honoured to have joint events with PayPal on Jan 16 and Google + Apps King on Jan 22. There are limited seats and feel free to register early.
I am also very honoured to have accepted the invitation of the appointment by Hang Seng Management College staring in January, 2014 as guest lecturer in the School of Communication for their new Module “Digital Public Relations” of Bachelor of Journalism and Communication (Honours) Programme.
Mobile Marketing with the aid of Social Media is the phenomenon that no Marketer can miss in 2013. This is the trend we really have to pay high attention and make things happen beautifully in 2014. There are 7 top priority tasks I can identify that we need to do in the very near future:
1. Is my corporate website Mobile Ready from 4 to 10 inches? i.e. iPhone, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, iPad Air…
2. Are you already advertising on Google/Baidu/Bing (Yahoo) using Mobile Bidding setting?
3. Are you already advertising using location base filter or SMS for mobile devices?
4. Are your online advertisements having location or click-to-call extensions to increase conversion from mobile devices?
5. Are you purposely recruiting “loyal” members in your mobile database for future direct marketing?
6. Are you building a team of mobile customer service on the most popular mobile messaging platforms? i.e. WhatsApp/WeChat
7. Are you getting ready to enable “Online/Offline” integration at your physical shop through mobile devices? e.g. NFC, QR Code…
There are actually a lot of work to be done! All the best!! :D

If you have missed the chance to join HKTDC World SME Expo during the Facebook session (Dec 6, 2013) panel discussion, here is a photo of me speaking together Edmond Wong (Founder of MyDress), Arrow Guo (Head of SMB of Facebook, Greater China and South Asia) and we were interviewed by Francis Fong (Chairman of HKAIM). If you are interested to see more, please feel free to visit our Facebook page.

I look forward to connecting with you more in 2014. Have a great year!

Best regards,

Matthew Kwan
Principal Consultant
Adams Company Limited

Can your Marketing Messages be seen on iPhones & Galaxy Notes?

Dear Business Partners,

Hope you are well!  Are you promoting your products & services on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Weibo, WeChat?  What are you doing to enable your marketing and promotion messages are being seen correctly on iPhones, iPads, Galaxy Notes, Galaxy Tabs….?

I am excited to share with you that my interview by the HKET (香港經濟日報) about “Social Media & Mobile Marketing Strategy” was published on September 23, 2013, we have posted the copy on Adams Slideshare Account and here is the link for it The full article can also be found on

If you are interested on how we are approaching the market, we have been very diligently posting our thoughts and strategies on Adams Facebook Fan Page, please “LIKE” us to show your support and appreciation.

Recently, we helped a client to promote their coconut oil product using our consumer online magazine, the result was exceptionally overwhelming with a lot of people registering for product samples and we had to re-run for extra quality of products.  In case you may have similar products that are targeting “Ladies” customers, we welcome co-marketing opportunities.  You may reference the coconut oil promotion to come up other innovative ideas.


I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Best regards,



Matthew Kwan

Principal Consultant

Adams Company Limited

Have you “Liked” Adams Fan Page? []

Dear Friends,

Have you “Liked” Adams Facebook Fan Page?  We have been working very hard to put a lot of thoughts of Marketing on our page lately.  We hope you will enjoy the sharings!

We are running our training course of Winning the Consumer Market: Mobile & Social Media Strategy
on September 5, 2013.  There are still limited seats available if you or your friends have not registered yet!

We are in the process are planning to launch a new course on October 17, 2013 “The Secret of Adams Search Engine Strategy Success” for entry level e-Marketers covering topics of how to best leverage Google, Yahoo, Baidu with the tools commonly available in the Market with most cost-effective way.  It will be very thorough and detailed in terms of making comparison of different tools.  For more information, please stay tuned.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Best regards,

Matthew Kwan

Principal Consultant
Adams Company Limited

We live in a different world!

By Matthew Kwan, Principal Consultant, Adams (
Jun 22, 2013

We live in a different world of internet and mobile devices. People are connected in a distance through facebook, skype, twitter, weibo, instagram…etc. There seems to be boundless even when you are flying on a plane, climbing in the highest mountain of Himalaya, walking in the hottest dessert of Sahara, diving in the deepest sea of pacific ocean, exploring the coldest weather of the north pole. We are connected, yet distance apart. Feeling maybe connected but human touches can never be replaced by the screens, monitors, iPad, tablet PC’s…etc. There are just too many aspects of life that should not be accomplished by Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Kakao or any sort. You can never be able to look into somebody’s eye through a webcam, you can n ever be able to hug someone you love via a video call, you can never kiss someone who is dear in your heart of the photos you share.

What is the real point of our world today if you are so connected and so apart. The connection is only able through a paid service by a telecommunication company. Can we connect without paying? Can we connect without a device? Can we connect without a medium? It is our mind. Our mind has no limit, it facilitates us to go wherever in the world, you may send wishes to anyone, anytime, anywhere without a dime. Are we really mindful to the smallest details and feelings? Our mind can never travels far if we never care for the minute details of our surroundings. Can you be mindful when you are tired? Can you be mindful when you are running out of time? Can you be mindful when you don’t care? Time and space and will could be the sheer power behind your mindfulness. Only the ones we really ready for trade off these pricesless entities may experience the joyest satisfaction of the glory a mindful heart may bring. Only love can drive through your mind to act unconditionally.

(P.S. written on a paper napkin on a plane going home from U.S.)

8.9M Mobile Users in HK. Mobile Marketing is a MUST!!

Dear Friend,

This summer has been SO Exciting! If you are paying attention to the latest market trend, there is a furious WAR of MOBILITY going on out there!! More details later, we have been very busy in August with 4 public events and 1 corporate engagement including:
- 2012-08-16 Tradelink-Adams “Online Developing OBM business in China” at Mira Hotel (16 people from enterprises developing China market)
- 2012-08-22 HKIRC2012 Digital Marketplace – Creating New Online Business Frontiers” at Cyberport (400+ people from SME’ and local enterprises) [see photos]
- 2012-08-23 Adams “Strategy of e-Marketing & Social Media” at Mira Hotel (15 people from enterprises of FMCG/Retails Industry segments)
- 2012-08-30 香港出口商會 “如何利用網絡及社交媒體助你瞄準國內目標客戶?” at HKPC (25+ people from SME’s and local enterprises)

Our next e-Marketing Training is on Sep 20, 2012, the registration is open now. if you have friends who are interested to join, please feel free to forward this link to them for us (

I am excited to inform you that we are in the middle of compiling a brand new website of Adams with most of our updated news showing on (it also works for www.白武士.公司.香港). Did you know it is free to bundle a Chinese domain? I only found out at the HKIRC event on Aug 22, 2012. ;)

Ok, that’s enough for the news of Adams, let’s get back to our main topic of this e-Mail. As marketer, I am very concerned about how to push marketing messages to our target customers. With the rise of Smartphones, namely starting from iPhone, now it is the age of Samsung (at least true for Hong Kong), the mobile internet users are ever increasing at a rate faster we can imagine. According to IDC’s research, “the worldwide smartphone market grew 42.5% year over year in 1Q12, as Samsung overtook Apple for the smartphone leadership position. Vendors shipped 144.9 million Smartphones in 1Q12 compared to 101.7 million units in 1Q11.” (
We live in an Internet Age, more accurately….we live in a “MOBILE AGE”. In Hong Kong, according to the Office of the Communications Authority, there are nearly 9M 2.5G/3G/4G mobile subscribers as of May, 2012. How can we win on WhatsApp is the very question I am asking myself every day. WHY? WhatsApp has successfully stolen the mass of public who are used to chat on Facebook and to certain extend discussion forums. However, there is no official advertising channel on WhatsApp, advertisers have no formal ways to push their marketing message by using this platform. Well, you can still do it manually but it is going to be difficult and, in Hong Kong, you must also observe the UEMO (Unsolicited Electronic Message Ordinance). I heard in a seminar from WeChat (Product of Tencent, producer of famous “QQ” in China), that they are opening advertising channel on this WhatsApp equivalent product. This is good news to advertiser and who want to penetrate the China Market.
From the same IDC report mentioned above, we see the sales growth of Samsung is overtaking Apple, the wave of “Galaxy” is making a phenomenon success in the market everywhere! Specifically, I think Samsung Galaxy Note is fabulously transforming the market and mobile experience. If you compare its screen resolution, weight, display size, battery life…etc, it is winning by far. It is exactly the reason a lot of non-technical users, including my wife, are enjoying the first time experience of Smartphone in their lives with it! My question to ALL marketers are “are you ready to embrace the market of mobility?”. That is,
- Have you set your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to include Mobile devices on Google?
- Are your advertisements showing on Google Mobile Network (AdMob)?
- Are your landing pages/mini-sites/corporate websites of your online marketing “Mobile Ready” auto-fitting to iPhone, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, iPad… with “finger-friendly” menu items? [Adams is doing a real testing using the Google mobile site converter on our project, it is now mobile ready! :) ]
- Are you purposely collecting mobile phone numbers of your target customers for promotional channels like SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Kakao…etc?

Do you really want to develop a mobile app on iPhone or Android? My simple answer is NO. You maybe surprised that I would not recommend people to develop mobile apps for your company/brands/products? The reason behind is that it is just too difficult to be successful in terms of downloads and usage. There are research showing over 50% of people would not use more than 3 apps per day and only 30% of people who may use more than 5 apps. In order to win this game is NOT EASY! However, I would suggest you to make sure to include “Widgets” in your mobile apps if you do think you may have chances to win. With Widgets, you can push messages instantly to people’s Smartphone screens without opening your app. It is really useful way to get your message across. The Hong Kong Observatory is a great example!(

In summary, we do not have time to get ready for this “WAR of MOBILE AGE” as it is already happening. We need to act really swiftly and tactically to win over the competitions. Mobile Commerce is also a key area that we have to pay attention as e-Commerce is so mature in this age!
Have a great weekend and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Best regards,
Matthew Kwan
Principal Consultant
Adams Company Limited